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Currently we are running a “Happy to Win” promotion, it is a giveaway from you the author to a winner that is selected randomly. You can post as many giveaways’ as you would like for different titles and once you post a 2nd giveaway (*2nd book title) you will receive a FREE Post to our Bookshelf. So besides showcasing your book on “Happy to Win” we will ALSO showcase your book on our front page!! This is a $10.00 value.

It’s easy! Choose the type of giveaway you would like (Kindle or Paperback) and choose the number of copies available to this giveaway. Note if you choose 1 copy then only one winner will be chosen. If you choose 2 or more copies than you are responsible for fulfilling all the other copies to different winners.

Fill out the form, your giveaway will last for 20 days. At the end of the 20 days we will randomly choose a winner or winner(s) from the comments received.
We will contact the winner for their information and pass it along to you the author for fulfillment.

We reserve the right to deny any title from it’s submission to the giveaway; Erotica in any form will not be accepted.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Don’t want to enter your title(s) for a giveaway or only have one title for a giveaway? Just email us at indiesmiles@gmail.com. For only $10.00 we will post your book on our bookshelf. for 20 days or more. No erotica please.