From Your Man in Accra – Find it on Amazon: Book Description: The tension in West Africa is high. Certain radical groups are forming causing great trouble and fear. Not less the terror organization Boko Haram! The famous Ghanaian journalist Kweku Bentum suddenly finds himself in the middle of his worst nightmare. The future of Ghana is at […]

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Editorial Reviews Review An Amazon Best Book of the Month, January 2015: One of the pleasures of author Pierce Brown’s world building is the juxtaposition of the primitive and high-tech: blood feuds fought with complex weaponry, a game of truth mediated by lie-detecting scorpions, and, of course, an antiquated class system in a world […]

The Bastard Child | Find It On Amazon “Susan Parker Rosen has spun a yarn that was alarming, spooky, mysterious, and action packed!” “Susan Parker Rosen nailed it for a first time writer!” Take the exciting journey, along with Sara, as she embarks upon a surprise visit to the storybook town of Bridgnorth, UK. She […]

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