1what the hell was I thinking

Review by Allison Moore: By Emma Felix Alberts

What the Hell Was I Thinking

Definitely a must read.

It’s a spectacular book that tells of a young girls decision to join the navy in a time when that was rarely heard of, and what aspects of her life lead her to that difficult choice. It tells of the life in the navy, boot camp and so forth, and how difficult (and entertaining) it was for women who did join. I’ve heard different reviews saying hilarious and funny…I didn’t find it as such. I found it a more serious tempered book with a history that is told in a way that’s catching to the reader. I believe it is an exceptionally written book and I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of the navy WAVES and what their life entails.

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Review by Allison Moore: By Emma Felix Alberts

Definitely a Book to Remember.

Incredible story and a must read. I have to say I never thought this book would end because it kept getting better and better. It’s an edge of your seat because Every time you think you’re reaching the end Emma Albert’s would throw in another twist to the plot. A story of heroism, love, life, and war. Learn what the consequences of your choices really can be and how they truly affect others. This book, without a doubt, reached down deep to touch my emotions of what’s real in the world! Please if you just need something to do or read, beginning reader or hard core, pick up this book. By far among the best yet I’ve read yet!



Review by Allison Moore:
Finding Pandora By E. Rachael Hardcastle
Amazing read!!!
Finding Pandora is an amazing read. It lures you into the amazing mystical world of Pandora’s box, witchcraft and Wiccan. Not a book for the simple mind but one for in depth and understanding. It starts with the myth of Pandora’s box and delves into depths unknown. Every turn of Pandora’s page contains war, romance, fire, tortured souls, evil, Wiccan, witchcraft and much more. Such an evenly flowing mix of fantasy and fiction it blew my mind!!! If you enjoy romance it’s the book for you. If not open it anyway….see what Pandora has in store for your future!!