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The tension in West Africa is high. Certain radical groups are forming causing great trouble and fear. Not less the terror organization Boko Haram! The famous Ghanaian journalist Kweku Bentum suddenly finds himself in the middle of his worst nightmare. The future of Ghana is at stake – but more than that, the future of the whole of West Africa is at stake if things get out of control. Kweku Bentum must take action to stop genocide and other forms of terror to overtake the region. Luckily he gets good help from his journalistic ´informer´ Kanimu, a rastaman who normally likes to live life easy, free and without trouble. Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa is the setting for this fast moving drama. But you don’t have to know a thing about Ghana or even Africa to feel the shivers on your spine as the
story moves on. It could be anywhere in the world. You could be the one who have to take action. The question is: Who do you have on your side? Who is willing to help when problems really starts to evolve?

One Review:

This is NOT yet another book about saving Africa. This is a “simple”political crime novel, dealing with the big problem of terrorism. But the plot takes place in Accra, the capital of Ghana. I have chosen Africa because what goes on there – the different terror organizations – are spreading their diseases around the world. It affects us all. And what do we do, if they come sneaking in at night, and no one is there to help?….

  • ISBN-10: 1508450641
  • ISBN-13: 978-1508450641


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